African Adventure

Making the most of childhood

Our Story

Evidence of children's progress & learning, their physical, spiritual and moral something I am very pleased to have been able to observe.

African Adventure was set up in 2005 to offer local schools a unique and unforgettable residential experience. Fundamentally however, our purpose is to build meaningful relationships with the schools around us which have a lasting impact on the children. 

CYM's passion is the pastoral care and spiritual enrichment of children and young people. This is why African Adventure is not just an activity holiday. Children are immersed in a world full of adventure and different cultural and social challenges. They learn transformative lessons about working with others, and gain a deeper understanding of self. The moral and spiritual development of the children here is paramount, as they explore the many issues faced by developing countries. Children are also given opportunities to take safe and considered risks, strengthening their confidence. 

The program is run by a trained primary school teacher and is carefully linked to the current primary curriculum.

We committed to supporting projects that directly impact communities in Africa. For each school visit a financial contribution is made to Samaritan's Purse and A Little Bit of Hope.

We've been adventuring for nearly 15 years

Visit the site

If your school has never enjoyed African Adventure before, we warmly encourage you to come and see our site for yourself on a personal tour. There's no charge and absolutely no obligation to take things any further afterwards. Get in touch now to arrange a site visit.

We can visit you!

We love coming to schools to talk about African Adventure. Pre-visit lessons or meetings are a great way for parents, children and teachers to discuss any questions or worries that might be on their minds. Speak to our School Link Worker to arrange a visit now.