Parent or teacher?

Here's everything you need to know...


Thank you for choosing to bring your children to African Adventure!
Our aim is to assist you with planning your visit as much as possible, so before your visit, we can offer one of two visits to your school.

Parents' evening: (30-45 minutes)

We show a short presentation about CYM and African Adventure and then have an open question and answer time. We suggest that schools use this time to hand out pupil forms and kit lists. Ideally a parents' evening will be no less than six weeks before the visit.

Pre-visit lesson: (30-45 minutes)

This is a good opportunity for members of the team to meet the children who will be visiting African Adventure. The objective for the lesson is to enable children to explore the diversity of Africa as a continent and then to focus on what life is like in a more rural African village.

Safety first

African Adventure works on a staffing ratio which is accepted as safe for the activity being undertaken. Where there is a national co-ordinating body for a particular activity (i.e. Archery) we work within the guidelines that they have produced.

All instructors involved in leading activities must have achieved the levels of qualification, or above, required by the governing body of the sport or activity being undertaken. Any in-house training is in compliance with the sport’s governing bodies. Procedures which the activity staff must follow are in line with the requirements of the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 1996 implemented under the Activity Centres (Young Persons Safety) Act 1995.






Risk Assessments:


Important Forms:

The visit is an excellent way to give children the opportunity to develop independence in a controlled, safe and secure environment.

As the week progressed, children's confidence grew significantly.

Dennis Kell
School Governor