Coming to stay with us?

Your greatest adventure starts here...

Staying in the hall?

Have you ever stayed in a 32 bedroomed mansion before? Well, if you are staying in Sizewell Hall, you will be!

The bedrooms sleep 2-6 people and some have awesome sea views. You will need a sleeping bag and pillow for the huts, but the beds in the hall are already made to sleep in, your teddy bears will love them.

There is a huge lounge where we all meet before activities, and a library looking out to sea. We eat our yummy meals together in a rather posh dining room.

Staying in the huts?

Have you ever been Glamping (glamorous camping) before? Well, if you have, you are well prepared for a stay in our African village.

We have 5 huts in a cosy fenced off area of the woodland, which is lit up at night. Each hut sleeps about 10-15 children, so sleeping in the village is a bit like having a big sleep-over with all your friends!

Torches are a great thing to bring for the huts and of course, you need your sleeping bag and pillow.


We don’t like to give too much away about the activities, because you are embarking on an adventure, and that means a bit of mystery! But, all the activities we do are really good fun and very safe!

If you are worried about finding an activity too tricky, please don't. We won’t force you to take part, but you may just surprise yourself if you try!