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Making the most of childhood


Some essential information for parents and guardians

Special diets

You can specify on your pupil information form what your child can, can't or won't eat. We will cater to any diet provided we receive the form no later than one month before the visit. Please give us as much detail as possible.

Phones and devices

Because we'll be spending most of our time outdoors, we strongly recommend against bringing electronic devices like phones or iPads as from experience they are very likely to get lost or broken. For a number of reasons, we're normally unable to facilitate direct contact between you and your child in the absence of mobile phones. However, this can be arranged via your school should the need arise.

Christian references

We understand that whilst some parents would prefer overtly Christian content, others would consider it inappropriate. We generally pray before meals and finish the day with a reflection which is typically based on Christian morals. We will always be respectful of those of all faiths or of none.

Activity engagement

We will never force a child to participate in an activity they do not wish to be a part of.

Disabilities and medical problems

We will do whatever we feasibly can to accommodate specific needs. We're very happy to arrange site visits or meetings to make these arrangements if required.

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Who is CYM?

We're an energetic Ipswich based charity run by Christians who are passionately committed to building meaningful relationships with children and those around them. The ultimate goal is to transform lives for the better by caring for each individual's spiritual wellbeing.

Still have questions?

We understand that sending your children away for a residential week can be both an exciting, and a difficult time. Your school can usually answer most questions, but if you're still unsure you if we can help make the process easier in any way, Get in touch and we'll put your mind at rest.