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Vision and Values

Investing in generations inspired by Jesus

Our work spans the generations. Whilst we are a children’s and youth work charity, we recognise that all areas of our work see us engaging with different generations. That could be parents, grandparents, family members or friends. It will be members of school staff; in the school setting or when we provide activities for people to attend. It will be in the local community where we share our work and with the variety of people that we meet in church settings too. We see our work as investment. Sowing seeds. Building relationships. Our dream for school-based work is to have a School Chaplain in every school in Ipswich, and beyond. Our new residential centre, and work from it, will enable us to reach even more children and young people and the adults who work with them or care for them. Our work is inspired by Jesus, his teachings, and his character. We want everyone we meet to see a glimpse of Jesus in us.

Bringing wholeness through safe spaces

We believe that our work provides safe spaces for the young people we meet. We also believe that we can provide more of these. That could be a Chaplain mentoring in a school, or sitting on a street corner chatting, it could be providing a space for a member of staff to share worries or concerns, or it could be the activities that we provide from our new residential centre.

We see 'wholeness' as being at least three different aspects; physical, mental, and spiritual. We aim to provide support in all three areas. The values below are crucial for the culture of our organisation and team. We believe that working closely to these values will enable us to live out the vision and mission for CYM. They also inspire passion in our work. 

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